Before you begin, make sure you are used to WooCommcerce Plugin.

Sonnet is fully compatible with WooCommerce plugin and includes full design as well as custom shortcodes (See WooCommerce Shortcodes by Sonnet). Moreover, Sonnet reorganized the contents and functions provided by WooCommerce with innovative and fascinating UI and design. For example, all the sliders on Sonnet are most modern mobile touch slider with hardware accelerated transitions and amazing native behavior.

Also, Sonnet supports options for all areas associated with WooCommcerce Plugin. See WooCommerce Options by Sonnet

Innovative and fascinating UI and design

Products (Fig. 1)

Product Screenshot.
Fig. 1. Product Screenshot.


Cart (Fig. 2)

Cart Screenshot.
Fig. 2. Cart Screenshot.


Checkout (Fig. 3)

Checkout Screenshot.
Fig. 3. Checkout Screenshot.


My Account (Fig. 4)

My account Screenshot.
Fig. 4. My Account Screenshot.


Shop (Fig. 5)

Shop Screenshot.
Fig. 5. Shop Screenshot.


WooCommerce Bag – Also called a WooCommerce Mini Cart. (Fig. 6)

WooCommerce Bag Screenshot.
Fig. 6. WooCommerce Bag Screenshot.