Sonnet has very easy and powerful 1,100+ Theme Options. These options consist of highly user-friendly logical UI, as well as the easier application of Sonnet’s fascinating layout and styling to your website.

Go to Sonnet > Theme Options from your WordPress dashboard to access the Sonnet Options Panel. (Fig. 1)

Sonnet Options Panel Screenshot
Fig. 1. Sonnet Options Panel Screenshot.


In addition to Theme Options, WordPress Pages, Posts, Categories, Tags, and WooCommerce Products, Categories, and Tags also have separate options. Please take a look at the important links below that have additional information about these options.

Finally (but not option), when it comes to the default avatar, WordPress has several  built-in options, which you can select by going to Settings > Discussion. Once Sonnet is installed and activated, Sonnet Default Comment Avatar will be added to the basic avatar list.