Sonnet has 24 Widget Areas. (Fig. 1)

heme Sonnet Widget Areas Screenshot.
Fig. 1. Sonnet Widget Areas Screenshot.


These widget areas can be assigned to several areas of the site such as the Sidebars, the Footer Widgets and the WPBakery Page Builder Widgetised Sidebar. Sidebars associated with WooCommerce are available only if WooCommerce plugin is activated on your site. As a reference, Sonnet allows you to create unlimited amount of Widget Areas. (See Creating Widget Areas)


Sidebars are containers that accept widget areas. You can enable sidebars on different sections of your site in the Sonnet > Theme Options > Sidebars panel (See Pages Sidebar, See Posts Sidebar, See Categories Sidebar, See WooCommerce Shop Sidebar, See WooCommerce Product Categories And Tags Sidebar, See WooCommerce Products Sidebar), or on the Sonnet Page Options on each page.

Footer Widgets

Footer Widgets are containers that accept widget areas of the your site footer. You can control Footer Widgets of your site in the Theme Options > Footer tab (See Footer Widgets)

WPBakery Page Builder Widgetised Sidebar

Before you begin, make sure you are used to WPBakery Page Builder Plugin.

Widgetized Sidebar is one of the content elements of the WPBaker Page Builder. Widgetized Sidebar allows to include a widget area / sidebar inside a page using WPBakery Page Builder. This is helpful when building pages which needs different widget areas.