Sonnet Product Options is available only if WooCommerce plugin is activated on your site.

Sonnet Product Options allow you to change or organize the styles of WooCommerce products set for each WooCommerce product. Sonnet Product Options override the global options set in Theme Options. Each product you create will have a box of ‘Sonnet Product Options’ with an option consisting of tabs for each area of the product. While in the editor, there are these options at the bottom of the product editor. (Fig. 1)

Sonnet Product Options Screenshot.
Fig. 1. Sonnet Product Options Screenshot.

Product Item Theme – Illustrated as A

Specifies the color when this product is outputted in the shop page or product categories or product tags. (Fig. 2)

Product Item Theme Color Screenshot.
Fig. 2. Product Item Theme Color Screenshot.

Slider Revolution – Illustrated as B

See Slider Revolution Features in Sonnet

Product Content Area – Illustrated as C

Product Content Area options override the global options set in Theme Options > Content Area > WooCommerce Products Content Area tab.