These options are located in the Theme Options > Sidebars > Pages tab.

Pages Sidebar options control the global sidebar(s) display of all pages on the your site. (Fig. 1) What is a Sidebar?

Pages Sidebar options Screenshot
Fig. 1. Pages Sidebar options Screenshot.


Before applying a global sidebar(s) for a section of your site, you must assign widgets to widget areas. Then you can assign it to the sidebar you’d like to use as a global sidebar. See Sonnet Widget Areas

Global Pages Sidebar(s)

There are 4 buttons that control the display of the global sidebar(s) for pages.

You can use an individual sidebar when you want a special sidebar or when you do not use it on the page. See Sonnet Page Options

No Sidebars – Illustrated as A. Do not display sidebars. (Fig. 1)

Left Sidebar – Illustrated as B. Select left sidebar that will display on pages. (Fig. 2)

Left Sidebar button Screenshot.
Fig. 2. Left Sidebar button Screenshot.


Right Sidebar – Illustrated as C. Select right sidebar that will display on pages. (Fig. 3)

Right Sidebar button Screenshot.
Fig. 3. Right Sidebar button Screenshot.


Both Sidebar – Illustrated as D. Select left sidebar and right sidebar that will display on pages. (Fig. 4)

Both Sidebar button Screenshot.
Fig. 4. Both Sidebars button Screenshot.